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Maine is one step closer to restoring the tip credit

My faith in government was restored Wednesday when the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee (LCRED) voted 11-2 in favor of LD 673, a bill that would reinstate the tip credit in Maine. After a marathon public hearing dominated by restaurant workers and a month of deliberation, the LCRED committee came to a bipartisan […]

Maine’s economic future looks bleak after the passage of Questions 2 and 4

This commentary first appeared in The Maine Wire. The recounts for Questions 1 and 2 are almost ready to begin, but there is no significant hope for either opposition campaign in seeing the results of the Nov. 8 election overturned. According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says […]

Bangor CoC offers realistic alternative to increasing the minimum wage

The Bangor Chamber of Commerce is combating the hard-left Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) with a more fundamentally sound procedure for increasing our state’s minimum wage, and the proposal they’ve discussed has the backing of many business leaders in Maine. The Chamber’s business-friendly approach to increasing the minimum wage should suffice the needs of small business […]