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Maine is one step closer to restoring the tip credit

My faith in government was restored Wednesday when the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee (LCRED) voted 11-2 in favor of LD 673, a bill that would reinstate the tip credit in Maine. After a marathon public hearing dominated by restaurant workers and a month of deliberation, the LCRED committee came to a bipartisan […]

“Full Employment” is a faux reality in Maine

This article first appeared in The Maine Wire. The state of Maine, specifically its metro areas of Portland, Lewiston and Bangor, has achieved full employment. Well, at least in economic terms. Charles Lawton, the chief economist of Planning Decisions, a Maine-based research and planning firm, told the Portland Press Herald that our state has reached […]

Twomey for Senate? No thanks!

Many Mainers are still down from the Patriots loss this past weekend to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game. Tom Brady looked out of character throughout, throwing only one touchdown pass while being intercepted twice in the contest. Nobody will question if Brady should be replaced after this performance, given his pedigree at […]

Bengals bested by poor officiating, careless penalties

Looking back, Wildcard weekend in the NFL truly was wild. Not only did every Wildcard team win, many won in unexpected ways. The most controversial of the four matchups was between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati on Saturday night. Several judgment calls throughout the game swayed momentum in favor of the Steelers, but they were also aided […]